Wealth creation. That’s it! I said to the man I was talking to.

 ” I want to create something from nothing, like God did…”

He responded to me:


“You may be onto something there, Danielle, that may be just YOUR topic.


Business As Mission

This conversation was simple, and short, but it’s been a driving factor into me trying out all the things that I’ve done these last few years.

He told me how him and his family opened a factory in Cambodia to take women off the streets, give them a meaningful occupation, and dignity. With the money the factory makes, it has literally changed the economy of that community

For German standards, we were earning a very small income, and I felt like I was bursting with ideas

My husband was struggling and dealing with a period of depression, and I desperately wanted him to get better, feel better and confident. I didn’t want him to feel like he had to work just for money, but that he would be free to choose.

Network Marketing — Leads To Blog — Leads To…

 So I tried selling Usborne books for awhile, I thought this might be fun. I loved books, we homeschooled, it seemed to fit.

But I struggled to find people to sell to in Germany, and I didn’t understand marketing. I hated feeling like I was bothering everyone.

I hated feeling “saleswomany”.

So I decided to start my first blog, I watched an online summit about working at home and was totally inspired.

I thought, “Wow, if I could help people AND earn money doing it, that would be AWESOME!”


This started my deep dive into the giant world of business, and online marketing. I was scared because I had no background in business, and had to learn it all stumbling over household, four kids, homeschooling, family obligations, and our work with a Christian university group at the time.

Working At Home and Homeschooling

I devoted the quiet time of my kids, and all my evenings to study, build and learn and figure out this “business” stuff.

How could I do business in the place that I am in right now? 

I knew that one of the keys to be successful at business is to BE A PROBLEM SOLVER. 



Those Big Meanies Broke My Blog!

After over a year of blogging, creating content, doing my own graphics, my blog got hacked and pretty much destroyed.

At this point, our family was in a BIG transition as we decided to move from our home in Germany to Eastern Europe and spent that year living out of a suitcase because of a much longer story.

I was really angry, and disappointed.. but also really tired


On To Shopify and Print On Demand

I put my blog to the side, until I could gain a fresh outlook, and started looking into creating a shopify store, experimenting with print on demand and drop shipping, all while learning marketing.. because nothing seemed to catch!

But even if I wasn’t THAT successful at marketing, I realized I could serve others with the skills Ilearned. On the side I started ghost writing for people, designing their websites, graphics , ebooks , mockups, you name it! And I realized I could ACTUALLY do something that helped people, even if it wasn’t in writing on my blog

Out of all of this, I’ve come to realize that failure isn’t bad. It really is just a step in figuring what DOES work.


Today and The Future…

So that leads us to today, where I’m still on a journey. I’m learning everything I can about online business, marketing and strategy so I can stay home with family and serve alongside my husband as volunteers in Ukraine where we are currently located.

It’s a wild ride and I’m excited to share all of the things I’ve learned with you along with my failures and success!

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