Below you are going to find help for your quarantine schooling or crisis schooling routine. 

In the last post I wrote about Three Mindset Tricks for your homeschool and quarantine schooling I told you about how our family has been homeschooling for SIX years and we’re still trying to figure things out. Each season brings new challenges, so it’s important to keep the motto, “Flexibility is MY strength” in memory.

Today I want to share with you the top tips that are going to make your school at home day a lot easier! 

Rythmn Is Your Friend

Keyphrase: Routine over schedule.

Having an established routine and rhythm is going to enable your family to have fun and enjoy one another.

1. Time Blocking

What is time blocking?
Essentially, time blocking is just cutting up your day into equal parts. 
For instance, our day is cut up into three anchor points:



The key is to build a routine that will provide structure and give a simple, easy start to your day.
One thing that can be easily integrated into your day to day is a morning anchor.

The Morning Anchor

An anchor keeps your home and school from becoming chaos. It is an “everybody all together time,” which provides focus and structure.

Start your day with a simple family Bible time. Read, pray, work on one memory verse together 

Add to that a morning basket routine, and you’ll be set up for a peaceful start to your day.
What is a morning basket? Well here are 50 Beautiful Morning Basket Ideas for you to check out!

After Lunch Anchor: Quiet Time

WARNING: Failure to have a quiet time makes a grumpy mama
My sanity saving hour is after lunch. That’s when everyone goes to their space for AT LEAST 1 hour. In that time, depending on the season I read, nap, enjoy a cappuccino and quiet, or work.

No asking mom/dad questions, no getting out of the room.
This quiet time doesn’t have to be after lunch, you can place it wherever works best for your family. But you NEED this time if you have your kids with you all day. After all the chatter, questions, mess and chaos of the day it’s important to have a quiet anchor to recollect yourself and move on.

Oh and bonus tip: Keep a private chocolate stash for this time!

What To Do With The Kids When You Need To Work?

If you need to get some work done in the afternoon time, make it clear to your children that this is their independent time.

And then set them up for success, bring out quiet activities, or if you are able let them roam free and be wild outside.

Bonus Tip:

If they have a question and you are working,train them to come quietly to you and hold your hand until you’re ready to talk with them. That way you get rid of the barging in and demanding your attention.

2. Family Chore Time

Including family chore time into your day is a MUST!
Since your house is messier than usual because people are actually living in it, it is essential to get the WHOLE family activated into family chore time.

Each of my three biggest kids (6,8, and 10) have normal dishwasher and cat litter duty and then one extra chore per day.
We also involve our three year old into one of our biggest tasks: Laundry!
They put their own laundry away, and help me sort out towels and cloths. It’s not their favourite family activitiy, but it makes this mama happy. 

3. Meal Planning

If you’re anything like me, having to cook something every day (multiple times a day) takes a lot of my limited energy away. That’s why there are a bunch of smart women out there who use meal planning!

If you’ve suddenly found yourself at home, with a bunch of mouths to feed and it exhausts you to constantly think about what to make then meal planning will be your lifesaver.

Thanks to a few friends of mine I have a couple of FREE meal planning sheets to share with you that you can download and print:

This free, beautiful and colourful meal planner from

Thanks to Living our Priorities we can plan a whole month of meals with this free, easy and simple meal planning tool.

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