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You may have guessed it, but I’m Dani! 

Totally happy you’re here. 

If you’re like me, you love your family, love adventure, love anything beautiful and creative, and you love freedom.

I think we’ll like each other.

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Quarantine Schooling Routine Help

Below you are going to find help for your quarantine schooling or crisis schooling routine.  In the last post I wrote about Three Mindset Tricks for your homeschool and quarantine schooling I told you about how our family has been homeschooling for SIX years and we're...

Quarantine-Schooling List of Free Learning Resources in English and German

Deutsche Homeschooling Resourcen Home-Office und Homeschooling Tips (auf Deutsch) Informelles Lernen und andere Resourcen (auf Deutsch) Homeschooling in Covid-19 Keine Angst von Homeschooling! Die Charlotte Mason Methode Swiss Homeschooling Family Audible: Kostenloser...

Quarantine Schooling – Three Mindset Tricks

Below you are going to find out some my best mindset tips on homeschooling and now quarantine schooling. How to be with kids 24/7 without going bonkers!  We have been homeschooling for around the last SIX years and it is NOT for the faint of heart. So if you have...

10 Tips: Traveling Alone With A Toddler On A Plane Plus Three Kids

Below you are going to find out my best tips on traveling alone with a toddler on a plane internationally. As a bonus, I've done this traveling pregnant, AND with three other kids under the age eight - multiple times.  I did it everyone! I may just shout it from the...

When Your Blog Gets Hacked: A Lesson About Failure?

Wealth creation. That's it! I said to the man I was talking to.  " I want to create something from nothing, like God did..." He responded to me:   "You may be onto something there, Danielle, that may be just YOUR topic.  Business As MissionThis conversation was...

Flexible Homeschooling?

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